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PRO Techno Inc

PRO Techno Inc offers end-to-end and value driven technology support to industries across different sectors. First, we aim to move legacy driven departments of each industry to innovative and latest technology driven processes. Second, we ensure that through full-cycle implementation of enterprise applications we bring seamless integration between diverse systems of the client's business process.

Our scope of coverage includes upgrades, enhancements and innovations in CRM, Ecommerce, Social Media, Accounting, ITSM, Email, ECM and Enterprise System. Each technology solution that we offer will focus on bridging the communication gaps, general productivity gaps, internal collaboration, corporate training and developing industry specific apps.

Finance & Banking

PRO Techno Inc develops innovative and industry specific web and mobile solutions for the banking and financial industries. Creating internet portals, mobile payment solutions and information security are our core areas of focus in the banking and financial domain.

In banking and finance, we develop value-driven and affordable solutions for CRM, Customer portals, Intranets, Document management, Data analytics, Custom banking software, ITSM, Information security, and Mobile banking. In addition to driving innovation and delivering efficiency, we strive to achieve cross channel optimization and regulatory compliance in the banking and finance sector.

PRO Techno Inc provides segment specific solutions that include reliable and affordable solutions for asset & wealth management, consumer lending, cards & payments, governance-risk-compliance, investment banking & brokerage, retail & wholesale banking, and securities services.


PRO Techno Inc offers high quality and reliable insurance solutions. Our portfolio of insurance services is supported by experts in insurance technologies, experts who understand insurance industry's technology requirements, and proficient with project implementations.

Our implementation services in the insurance industry includes business and IT project management from inception through implementation. Our insurance technology experts are proficient in Product Development, Implementation, Integration & Testing, Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics and SaaS Hosting and Infrastructure Management.

Our software architects and business professionals bring to each project engagement their technical and business experience in underwriting, claims adjusting, and actuarial responsibilities to satisfy statutory obligations surrounding policy and claim reporting.


PRO Techno Inc offer custom technology solutions to Healthcare industry. Our technology portfolio includes developing innovative solutions for CRM systems, Mobile apps, Information security, Mobile patient apps, ITSM, Custom medical software, Reporting and data analysis, and Medical image analysis.

Our software architects and business professionals have expertise and experience in working with large healthcare providers especially on healthcare CRM projects. Our team brings expertise in managing business intelligence projects across continents. Zebra healthcare technology solutions connect medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners for better care and better outcomes.

Our full suite of technologies for the global healthcare industry includes patient identity, mobile healthcare and real-time locating and tracking. In patient identity management, the focus is on pinpoint precision when matching patients to records, medication, specimens and more. Our robust healthcare mobile solution help clinicians with instant connectivity, collaboration and communication across diverse departments, Pre & Post clinical test mechanisms.

Media & Entertainment

Predominantly, innovation is the key to progress and face tough competition in the media and entertainment industries. PRO Techno Inc offers custom solutions for on-demand media, digital distribution and asset management. We serve different segments of media and entertainment industry - Advertising, Broadcasting, Filmed Entertainment, Music, Print & Publishing, and Gaming.

PRO Techno Inc's Media and Entertainment industry solutions cover several operational aspects:

• Content life-cycle management
• Digital rights management
• Access and entitlement
• Digital asset management
• Collaborative environments
• Cross-media advertisement management
• Vertical search


PRO Techno Inc' offer of innovative solutions aims to enhance efficiency and achieve a greatly responsive educational system. We have majorly focused on the Digital learning practices that can help achieve the knowledge ecosystem.

We ensure that our learning solutions carry the benefits of personalization for enhanced knowledge and better learning outcomes. We understand the challenges faced by educational institutions - managing costs, creating better student experiences, and imparting quality skills for ready employability.

We develop specific and customized solutions to serve the education providers and testing and assessment providers. We also develop solutions for publishers. Our cost effective solutions for education, help all stakeholders students, teachers, and managements to rethink, reinvent and recreate their learning, operations and business models.

Hotels & Hospitality

PRO Techno Inc offers state-of-art and affordable business solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry. Each solution for different segments brings unprecedented value and ensures profitability for the business.

Our integrated technology solutions help hoteliers to transform hotel operations, distribution and retailing systems. Our focus is also on improving the guest experience throughout the traveller journey and delivering true hospitality at scale.

We develop customized solutions for the following segments.

Central Reservations
Channel Management
Consulting Services
Business Travel Services

Property Manager
Call Center Services

Booking Engine
Digital Experience
Travel Agency Media

Guest Experience
Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Intelligence
Performance Insights
Retailing Insights
Guest Intelligence Cloud

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